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EBB continues unbeaten British Masters run with a Double win at Preston!

Elliott Banks-Browne and the Geartec Husqvarna team continued their unbeaten run in the Bridgestone British Masters at Preston Docks on Sunday with another double Moto win in the Pro MX 1 class.

This means that Elliott has tasted victory in each and every one of the 6 moto’s in the championships, as well as the Bridestone Cup race, giving him a solid gap at the top of the standings as the series reaches its half way stage.

With two week’s rest from riding to help Elliott’s injured wrist recover, all focus from the team has been on the machinery, with much work being undertaken as they continue to strive towards the speed and set up required to keep Elliott challenging for all three domestic and national titles.

Third in qualifying was a strong start to the day with times close due to the fast paced nature of the track and conditions.

A strong start put Elliott in 4th round the first couple of bends of Moto 1, and by lap three he was chasing Ryan Houghton at the front of the pack. On lap 4 he moved into the lead where he stayed for the remainder of the Moto.

Race 2 was more of the same, as Elliott made a move on Houghton for the lead early in the moto, and continued setting a strong pace until the chequered flag and a 1-1 on the day and the overall.

Paul Mason – Team Manager

“We have a new Suspension set up and Engine configuration, and it seems to be working well all round so we are very pleased with the win here at Preston Docks and we look forward with confidence to Desert Martin”

Elliott Banks-Browne

“The track was really hard underneath. All the times I have been to Preston it’s never been like this. It seemed like in practice we were doing a 100 mile an hour, railing every single outside berm possible. Everyone was close in practice and on my fast lap a rider got in my way and I hit him, which ruined my flow, but I got third.

“The first race I got an alright jump, and I decided to go a little too far to the left and got pushed out a bit. I was about fourth and worked my way through to second by the second lap, then got past Ryan Houghton, who was riding really well, and into the lead. The track was really hard. It didn’t give much and wasn’t making so many lines. It was a running a super-fast pace, and it was really hard to pull a gap at the front. My wrist was still playing up a bit so that came into effect towards the end.

“I had a good start in the second race, which was a carbon copy of the first really. I got ahead of Ryan again and rode my own race. It was nice to get a win as we have been working on a lot of stuff over the last few weeks. We are running a completely new engine configuration, changed gearings, and suspension settings, so the main thing with Preston was to have a good run out on the new bike which we did, and we are now looking forward to the second half of the year and standing on the top step of the podium more often.”

The team now prepare for their trip to Northern Ireland this weekend and the popular Desertmartin circuit where the 5thround of the Maxxis British Motocross Championships takes place. Elliott currently sits 4th place in the standings and within striking distance of the three riders ahead of him.

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